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Beau's Tire and Auto Center car care tips

Ever heard the saying fix something before it breaks? The same applies to your car. The way today’s vehicles are made it’s so important to have regular maintenance. If you know some helpful hints you can maintain your vehicle for years to come.


Luckily, we have provided some hints for you so you don’t have to worry everyday whether your vehicle will break down on you or not. Help your car last you for a while.

Car care helpful hints

• Get frequent oil changes

• For streak free visibility replace your wiper blades twice a year

• If you hear screeching or grinding sounds coming from your brakes that can cause you trouble. Make an appointment to get your brakes inspected

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More helpful hints

• If you have a loud muffler, it can be dangerous and harmful because exhaust fumes that may be leaking into the passenger compartment. Don’t put off checking your exhaust system

• Check your brake pads regularly they are your car’s friend

• If you want to maintain a long life for your engine, check oil and coolant levels

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